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Seoul Performing Arts Company

A public organization under the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, SPAC was initially launched as the 88 Seoul Performing Arts Company in 1986. SPAC has been celebrating and recreating the Korean traditional theater and performing arts for the past thirty years, and by staging four new productions every year, SPAC has been contributing to the development of Korean theater as its backbone. SPAC has presented an annual programme of original productions and served as a cultural ambassador through various international tours. SPAC continues to cultivate the next generation of theatre professionals through its education programme.

About Gamugeuk

SPAC presents an eclectic array of high-quality productions in the style of gamugeuk, a unique genre of music theatre in Korea. The country’s remarkable history and key figures provide fascinating subject matters, and the combination of Korean dance upholding and fostering traditional values, modern art and popular numbers that appeal to contemporary audiences results in a highly accomplished form of performing arts.

  • 서울예술단 공연이미지1
  • 서울예술단 공연이미지2
  • 서울예술단 공연이미지3
  • 서울예술단 공연이미지4
  • 서울예술단 공연이미지5
  • 서울예술단 공연이미지6